Bouncing Narratives is a jumbled mess—a playful wash of images, sounds, and movements that elicits the fine line of pure joy and trauma narratives. It centers around a trauma that cannot be expressed in words, and it bounces back again and again.


Using minimal and repetitive vocabulary, bouncing and sliding, nuances of rhythm and speed become the main components of a performative act that animates the installation and drives towards a trance-like intensity. In this interdisciplinary collaborative project, we propose a space to animate the alienated body, the vulnerable self of a “monster identity” and the gap between the self and the “other”.


Following its premiere at SALT, the installation will be placed in multiple locations in public spaces. This physical displacement is meant as a way to resist a dominant narrative and monologue. Each time Bouncing Narratives moves, the narrative will shift, a phenomenon that is taken to its extreme fantasy territory.


Roza Moshtaghi - Choreographer/concept

Shahrzad Malekian - Artist/concept

Lykourgos Porfyris - Sound artist/Poster

Gerd Kaisa Vorren - Performer

Trine Lise Moe - Performer

Carl Nilssen Love - Assisting scenographer

Shiva Sherveh - Costume designer

Martin Myrvold - Light designer

Julie Olsen - Producer
Josh Lake - Documentation 

Premiered June 14th,2018 

SALT, Oslo (NO)

Abundance International Dance Festival

, September 5th-17th ,2019, Karlstad-SE
Bouncing Narratives_04 (2 of 6).JPG

Photo: Johannes L. F. Sunde


The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, KORO(Kunst i Offentlig Rom) and Oslo Kommune

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