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kinShips is a tribute to the extended family (kin). A celebration of the symbiotic allied organisms that envelop us on a daily basis and protect us from intruders. The project invites the audience into the microscopic of the skin, to an embracing universe of microbial movement. kinShips explore reciprocal coexistence and exchange.

kinShips is made for 0-3 year old’s with their adults. The journey takes place in your own (kin)ship; a huge single-celled bacterium with room for you and your self-chosen family.

Ellen Jerstad- Concept/dramaturg

Roza Moshtaghi - Choreographer


Developed and performed by:

Ida Haugen
Caisa Strømmen Røstad
Janne Hillestad Mikkelsen

Torstein Lavik Larsen /Magnus Nergaard  Heida Karine Johannesdottir/Anja Lauvdal - Musikk 

Baum & Leahy /Annike Flo - ​Installation /scenography ​

Zofia Jakubiec -  Costume designer

Martin Myrvold - Light designer

Annike Flo/Hroar Hesselberg/Anette Cecilie Danielsen
Fie von Veer/Lærke Bang Barfod - Stage production team ​​

Elise Ommundsen Granli - Makeup artist

Inger-Marie Lupton- Producer

Silje Joner - Interns

Thanks to microbiological advisor Jessica Lönn-Stensrud.

Producer: Øyteateret (Øy).

Co-producer: Dansens Hus.

Premiered 2.December 2021

Dansens Hus ,Oslo (NO)


Photo: Samira Shaterian


Photo: Samira Shaterian


Photo: Samira Shaterian

KinShips x Josh Lake-20.jpg

Photo: Samira Shaterian


The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Oslo Kommune.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 11.33.40.png

kinShips is part of Dansens Hus's project  "STOR kunst for små barn", which develops new performances for the very youngest. The project is supported by the Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

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