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Sofie’s Room

“Sofie’s Room is an interactive installation created for children, a monochromatic landscape in which darkness becomes a source of mystery, magic, and creative power. A framed fountain gushes black paint over the room, pumping up shadows, histories, and ghosts.


The walls in this room are magnetic and covered with shapes. Some of these are taken from Edvard Munch’s paintings. You can move them around to make new pictures, stories, and patterns. On each visit you will pick up where someone else has left off and leave behind your own fantasies and messages. Here the fountain is a portal between the past and the present; a ghostly legacy to you, standing here, from those who have already passed through.”



Sofie’s Room is the third installment of Come Think With Us! – MUNCH’s series of ambitious, immersive art installations for children.

Premiered Mar 21-18Aug , 2024

Munch Museum,NO


Roza Moshtaghi & Ronak Moshtaghi

Concept Developer Learning: Christin Fonn Tømte & Benedikte Rønsen

Project Manager: Øystein Rafoss

Text Editor: Hanna Stoltenberg

Head of Marketing: Tone Brunner

Technical Producer: Timothy Brignall, Benny Lund

Exhibition Technician: Tor-Björn Adelgren, Jonathan Quinn Nowell, Kjetil Juul, Marie Kristine Skorstad, Kjell-Olav Jørgensen, Marius Mathisrud, Kine Lillestrøm

AV Consultant: Karl Richard Alexandersson

Chief Light Technician: Joakim Heggedal

Chief Sound Technician: Eivind Sten Johnsen

Manager exhibition hosts: Marte Midtsund

Social media: Hanne Os

Security: Stephan Krutå 

Photo: Ove Kvavik

Artist assistant: Zahra Tehery & Julie Karine Schie Olsen 


Exhibition Architecht: Enrique Eduardo Roura Perez

Light Design: Joakim Heggedal

Grapich design:  Parabol Studio

Music: Gao Kacirek

Illustration for animation: Ronak Moshtaghi

Animation: Sindre Ofstad

Producer animation: Spindel Film / Amund Halsten

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