SOME LIKE IT ON PAPER is the result of a desire to materialise in a tactile way the frame in which we find ourselves at this point in time. We have developed three separate books held together by a common bond to suggest that our works have developed in a context in which each work is important in relation to the others.



Together with;

a group of KHIO’s Choreography graduates of 2017 (Bente Alice Westgård, Roza Moshtaghi and Karen Eide Bøen)

Launched April 4th, 2017

in KHIO, Oslo


FLINCH (06 04 17)- A publication

This publication is an extension of the performance FLINCH

The images are extracted from photo series by Golara Jahanian between 2015-2017, and selected in collaboration with the photographer. The restless feeling in her work; the dead moments after an explosion, an accident or a sudden laugh, has led to the desire to bring them together in this publication.